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Eluvium is the recording project of Matthew Robert Cooper, a Portland-based musician and composer whose work is a mesmerizing blend of ambience, electronics, classical piano, drone, shoegaze, and minimalism. Since 2003 Cooper's output (including six full-length albums) has been primarily released by New York City label Temporary Residence Limited. He has released music under his birth name and as Martin Eden, recorded in duos Inventions and Concert Silence, and collaborated with Peter Broderick. .
Found 154 songs, duration: 14:29:08
Cooper: Underwater Dream (Mise En Scène)
Virga I (i)
and to randomize
Virga I (ii)
House Taken Over (i)
Underwater Dream
thank you
a body
Radio Ballet
The Motion Makes Me Last
Transfiguration One
Virga I (iv)
Perfect Neglect in a Field of Statues
Virga I (iii)
Quiet Children
and to suggest something
So Long, Lonesome (Eluvium Mix)
Abyss Forms (i)
to this work
Carrier 32
In a Sense
Prelude for Time Feelers
of listening
is to create
the suggested manner
of work
Paper Autumnalia
House Taken Over (ii)
and in disruption of
drone orchestration