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Emanative is the project of drummer, percussionist and producer Nick Woodmansey, who brings together and co-creates with a select tribe of acclaimed musicians and vocalists, the nucleus of which for this album are namely Jessica Lauren & Ben Hadwen along with ‘Level’ Neville Malcolm. The vocals come courtesy of Deborah Jordan, Liz Elensky and Heidi Vogel. A major break came from BBC Radio One D.J. Gilles Peterson who after hearing the track 'Turn Your Lights On' which features Flying Lotus collaborator Ahu on vocals, announced "I love that tune, I love that tune!!". He then subsequently released it on his...
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Soif d'aimer
Soif de t'aimer
Ídolo (feat. Emana Cheezy)
Ma route
la vida que emana
Ma route
Emana Graça
Emana (feat. Pety de Riddim)
Un amor que se termina así
Bisbar que Emana do Ventre da Terra
Vale a Pena
Cuatro Vientos
Unconditional Love
Todo o Poder Emana do Povo
Emana (O Azul)
Ma Ba Dar Emana Darta Teer Ki
Todo o Poder Emana do Povo