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Fler was born on 3 April 1982 as Patrick Decker. He and his mom were left by his father when he was five, after which his problems in school began, not because of his grades, but because of his behaviour. He has been accused of nationalist views, because of his lyrics in songs like "Neue Deutsche Welle" (New German Wave [allusion to the so called "Neue Deutsche Welle" in the 1980's]) and "Das hier ist schwarz, rot, gold - hart und stolz" (This is black, red, gold (colors of the Flag of Germany) - hard and proud), which some claim...
Fler Farver er en Dansk Hip-Hop gruppe, der kommer fra Odense på Fyn. Gruppen består af Fup, Dambo, Navlestrengen, Hr. Nielsen og PmJacob. .
FLERET, the Czech folk rock band,have been touring for almost 20 years with their broad repertoaire all over the Czech Republic at least ten times a month.Their concerts have been mostly sold out and what is more, they have been able to make thousands of people sing and dance at the giant festivals of world music in neighbouring Poland and Slovakia where they already tradicionally have plenty of supporters. So, even though the native- born Czech needs a Wallachian- Czech dictionary from time to time ( Wallachia is part of the Czech Republic where the members of the band live...
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