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Gideon Freudmann, a cello innovator, has created his own style of music called CelloBop - a fusion of blues, jazz, folk and much more. Not only has Gideon performed at The Montreal International Jazz Festival, The Prague Swing Jazz Festival and throughout the US, but his music is also frequently heard on NPR's All Things Considered. His creative workshops at schools, colleges and music camps, as well as his tunebook, New Music For Cello has inspired cello and violin students and teachers from coast to coast to perform his music by their own cello choirs and string ensembles. Gideon's original...
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Japanese Car
Rain Monsters
Cartoon Music
Brannock Device
Listen What the Ocean Say
Haunted Merry-go-round
Night Falls
Bayou Barn Dance
Spirits Surround Us
Barney The Dweeb
Licorice Particleboard
Fellini's Martini
Betty's Blues
Sybil Overture
Carpal Tunnel
Something Frightful