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(Hajime Yoshizawa) 吉澤はじめ, Born in Tokyo 1965. Started gig as a jazz-pianist from age of 18. Played with Conny Kay (Drums), Percy Heath (Bass), Albert "Tootie" Heath (Drums), Tony Dumas (Bass), Milt Jackson (Vibe), Pharoah Sanders (Sax) and Ted Curson (Trumpet). Released his debut album "Hajime". Hajime Yoshizawa (piano), Marc Johnson (bass), Peter Erskine (Drums), John Abercrombie (guitar), Bob Mintzer (Tenor sax) in the UK in 1991. At present, you can check out more music from his five solo albums and many other albums as a pianist, keyboardist, writer and producer for artists such as Kyoto Jazz Massive, Cosmic Village,...
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Endless Bow
M.A.Y. feat. Hajime Yoshizawa
Waltz For Jason
Secret Flight (West Tokyo mix)
Endless Bow
Satellite Dancer
The Seeds of Spring feat. Akiko
Time feat. Navasha Daya
Waltz For Jason (Two Banks Of Four Remix)
The Color of Peace
Bristlecone Pine feat. Navasha Daya
Endless Bow (Jimpster Remix)
Home feat. Shanti
Celebration feat. Navasha Daya