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There are two artists with the name Highland. 1. Highland is a dance/hip-hop group from Germany. Their music is recognizable for using Italian and sometimes Latin singing together with hip-hop beats and rapping in English. Band members are the singer Nicole Heiland and the rappers Dean "Dirty-D" Burke and Patrice "Lady Scar" Gansau. Their music is written and produced by Mike Michaels, Mark "MM" Dollar and Mark Tabak, known as the Triple-M crew, who are also behind the artists and bands such as Music Instructor, The Boyz and Ayman. Dean Burke has also worked with Music Instructor and Lunatics, as...
Norwegian power metal band formed in the ashes of Phoenix Rizing in 2001. Their debut album From The Cradle To The Brave was released in 2003. In 2005 their second album Forever Endeavour was released. Both albums was released in Scandinavia under Face Front, and in Europe by Massacre Records. Highland Glory recently released their third album, titled "Twist of Faith". End of 2011, Highland Glory parted with some of their members, they are currently seeking for new members. Lineup: * Jack-Roger Olsen - Guitars * Knut Egil Tøftum - Bass Ex-members: * Jan Thore Grefstad - Vocals on first...
There are at least two groups called Highlander. 1. Highlander were an early 90’s electronic folk rock band from Fife, Scotland. Their only studio album was the hit 1992 release, Born To Be A Warrior. 2. Highlander (J. Tap & Roland Ceelen) is a dutch duo that released a bunch of (Early) Hardcore/Gabber EPs in the 90s. They were also featured on dozens of compilations from the mid 90s untill about 2005. .
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Galway Girl
Parrots of Highland Park
Highland Lowlife (Early Slow Mix)
Burning in Forgotten Times
Highland Love Ballad
Highland Lowlife
Sound the Pibroch
Blood in the Heather
Larry Bird
Last Planet
(X) Highland Crags
I Am Victory
Towards the Absolute
Highland Cathedral
Big Beat 18 (Highland Skies Remix)
Greensleeves/What Child Is This?
Highland Music Dance
Meeting of the Waters
Queen of Argyll
Highland Cathedral - City Of Tulsa Pipes & Drums
Highland Warriors and Their Gals Dancing
Highland Mike (feat. Pee Wee Ellis)
Highland Cathedral
The Highland's
Nocturnal Deathstrike
Two Hieland Lads
The Rocky Road to Dublin
Bonnie Highland Laddie
Join (Original Mix)
Loyal to the Nightsky
Bella's Highland Jig
Norse Gaelic Highland Warriors Dance with Swords
Highland Air/Schottis från Idre (Scot./Norw.)
Celtic Highland
The Maiden Set
Barren Rocks of Aden and Black Bear
The Highland Dancer, Pt. 1