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There are nine artists with the name ‘Infernal’: 1. A Danish dance/pop duo. They first met in 1991 through mutual friends and formed a band in 1997, with Søren Haarh leaving the group in 2000. The duo now consists of Paw Lagerman (born 1977) and Lina Rafn (born 1976), both from Copenhagen, Denmark. So far, they have released 4 studio albums and a remix album. But it was only recently with the release of their third album ‘From Paris to Berlin’ that they received international success. Despite hailing from Denmark, shortly before the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany they...
The band was born in August 2002, after the end of a project which involved XeS (voice) and Prince Of Tears (guitar), the Hell Burn. Then with the new entries Deimos (drum) and Phobos (bass) and the change of the moniker in Infernal Angels, the band began to work composing and playing live. In October 2002 the first work, Absum Lucem, was released and it got a lot of very good reviews. Immediately after the released of the first demo, the band is dedicated to the song writing of new songs. So in the January 2003, the group in their...
Infernal Gates was formed 1992 by Jonas Gustafsson (Drums), Stefan Sundholm (Vocals, Keyboards) and Anders Hagerborn (Bass). The line-up was completed later that same year when the two guitarists Johan Hedman and Jan-Еke Цsterberg joined the band. "Atmospheric and melodic mid-tempo Death-metal with a mix of folk/ emotional dark romanticism..!!!" "In Sadness..." - debut demo 1993 "The gathering of tears" - second demo 1994 "From the mist of dark waters" - full-length 1997 .
Portuguese raw black metal band hailing from Porto! band Formed in year 2000 in Porto. band consists mainly of singer Naamah Satana (drums Psychothrone) and Demogorgon. Lyrical themes are about satanism,depression and darkness. Discography Frozen Empire Demo, 2004 Colheita 2005 Split album, 2005 Our Darkest Black Metal Demo, 2005 Trilogy For Domination Split, 2007 'Live in Praise Him fest' & 'Extreme Devotion Fest' DVD, 2008 United by the Black Flag Split, 2008 The Black Throne of Hell 2008 .
There are three bands by the name of Infernal Legion. (1) One is a Hungarian Black/Death Metal band, (2) is an American death metal band and (3) another one is a Belgian black metal band. However the latter has switched there name to The Reckoning. (1) Black/Death Metal band from Hungary! Influencies: Dodheimsgard, Behemoth, Satyricon, Daath, Sonic Reign, Hate Eternal, Keep Of Kalessin, Red Harvest Worros: guitars, bass, drums, recording Haploos: vocals, synth, lyrics Formed in 1998, the band recorded many rehearsals, demos, but they never released it. After few years, they split up, but Worros and Haploos resurrected the...
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usual person
Dead Girl
Olympus (feat. Axis Infernal)
Stupid bitch
Symphony of the night
Where You Style?
Inrernal Dance
Memory of suffering
Young Ripper
As Before
Inside out
To Kill Daily
Black Choppa
Unlucky to be born
White Phonk
Black blood
Russian horror story
Unhallowed by the Infernal One
They only speak
It used to be worse
Infernal Suffering