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Project Kid
Ghost Mode
Nights (feat. Rich The Kid)
Joey's Song
Counting the Days
BYGB (feat. Jimmy Yen)
Tender Game
Angels Don't Cry
Everything I Own
Another Side of the Story
I'm Not in Love
Broken Promises
Benzo (feat. Kid Codeine)
Lights Out
The Comeup (feat. Joey the Kid & Stevie Blanco)
Livin' in Clubland
60 Bars
What Made Ya Do It Kid
The Way You Look Around
Shock me (feat. Gill Martin) [with Joey Hess]
Since a Kid
Just as I Began to Drive Away
You Are a Lot of Different Things
Billy "Big" Joey
The Way You Look Around
Out of Hand
Joey Chicago vs. Kid Minneapolis (Skit)
Trigga (feat. NEFF)
Debbie Loves Joey (Kid Karate Mix)
Nights (Feat. Rich The Kid)
Bad Kid [Prod. Akachi Beats]
Project Kid