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In Love With a Machine
Who You Are
Let Freedom Ring
The Solution Is in the Trees
Living Like You Did
World for Us
Codependent Song
Before I'm Dead
Around the Sun [Freedoming, 2004]
Dead Girl Walking
1998 - Trickster - 05 - Trickster (16-21kj)
In Love With A Machine (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)
A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix)
1998 - Trickster - 09 - Layers (16-21kj)
Trypt0fanatic (2010) full album
Before I'm Dead (accoustic) (Live in Chicago 2002)
1998 - Trickster - 07 - K (16-21kj)
Before I'm Dead (Acoustic)
Taxicab Messiah
Beføre I'm Dead