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While many of us associate klezmer music with European immigration to the United States , Jews at the turn of the century were settling all parts of the Americas , and they and their descendents have a rich history in Mexico , Argentina , Brazil , and many other Latin American countries. Klezmer Juice bandleader and clarinet player Gustavo Bulgach was born and raised in one such community in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A part of the large and active Jewish community there, he learned Klezmer music from his family at a young age. Inspired by the religious and secular life...
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Donna Donna
Oyfn Pripetshok (On the Hearth)
Slow Melody #8
Papirosen (Cigarettes)
Zemer Atik (also known as Nigun Atik)
Freylach in D
Waltz Medley
Amud Ha'esh (Pillar of fire)
Araber Tanz
Freylach #15
Librescu Tango
Beautiful as the Moon
King Without a Crown
Hava Nagila
Donna, Donna
Odessa Bulgarish
Ani Ole Y'erushalaim
Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth
Gedenk No. 2
Erev Shel Shoshanim
Ose Shalom
Late Night in Zion
Happy Nigun
B'ashana Havaha
Freylach No. 8
Zemer Atik
Hava Nagila
Chop 'Em Down
Yiddish Lidele
What I'm Fighting For
L’shana Haba’a