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There is more than one artist known under this name: 1. Raised in South Atlanta, Kona is a Los Angeles based singer and songwriter whose music combines modern soul with elements of funk and RnB. As the daughter of a jazz singer mother and soul DJ father, Kona developed a proficiency in music at a impressively young age. As a singer songwriter of only two years, Kona's refreshing take on soul has garnered her an impressive online following and attention. 2. Kona is one of the most promising female singer of Bangladesh. Her full name is Dilshad Nahar Kona and...
A collaboration of British electronic artists Lone and Keaver & Brause. Their first album "Sing a New Sapling Into Existence" came out in 2009. .
KONAD were originally formed back in 1996. Based on their punk/thrash influences, they performed some gigs mostly on the suburban area of Lisbon. After many activity interruptions and line-up changes through the years, the band recorded a demo CD in 2005. Meanwhile, former guitarrist Kláudio and singer Kunha quited the band at the end of 2006. Fortunately, few weeks after, Mikhael (original guitarrist in 1996) re-joined the band and bassist David Karmo was recruited in early 2007. João Litrona takes the other guitar and the (original) drummer Kampino performed the vocals on their DIY DEMO 2007 (recorded in June). The...
KC is a Finnish rap group. It was formed in 2001, they've released one album (Kämmenlaiva) in 2003 and one streettape (Kuuminta Hottia vol.1) in 2004. Members in KC are Gabriel 'Gabi' Centaurion, Stabi, Tunkio, Veejay, Visva, Mängimies and D-lemma. .
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Smooth As Silk
We Want Revival Now
Yui Pako Kona Tik Ah Ah Ari
Shaolin Monk
Kona Kina
So Precious
Kona Tayul / Canción de la Fuerza
Kona Bendhak
Back It Up
Comfort and Joy / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Chou No Kona
House Gangta
War Cry
I Kona (Slide Guitar Version)