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Le Trio Joubran (Arabic: الثلاثي جبران‎) is a Palestinian oud band, consisting of the three brothers Samir, Wissam, and Adnan Joubran from the city Nazareth. The Joubran brothers come from a well-known family with a rich artistic heritage. Their mother, Ibtisam Hanna Joubran, sang the Muwachahats (poems that originated in Arab Spain) while their father is among the most renowned stringed-instrument makers in Palestine and in the Arab world. The story of the Joubran Trio's creation can be traced back some ten years. Samir Joubran, the eldest, started his solo career with his first two albums, Taqaseem (1996) and Sou'fahm...
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The Long March
Sur cette terre
Fusée de détresse
Une rime pour les mu'allaqât
Départ de la colonne
Un nouveau départ
Tanasim 2 (Joep Mencke Edit)