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Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc (in English The Little Singers of Saint Marc) is a children's choir, founded in September 1986 by Nicolas Carries. It is a mixed unit composed of seventy-five to eighty school-aged children from ten to fifteen years old. All are provided education from the Saint-Marc college in Lyon. Les Petits Chanteurs acquired recognition with the release of the 2004 film Les Choristes, for which they provided the vocals for the soundtrack. One of the soloists, Jean-Baptiste Maunier was chosen to play a lead role in the film. The choir held a performance, entitled Les Choristes en...
Found 105 songs, duration: 05:46:57
Chanson pour l'auvergnat
Le poinçonneur des Lilas
Richte mich Gott, Psaume 43