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Lisa Thiel is a visionary artist and ceremonial singer whose healing song prayers and chants are among the most popular in the women's spiritual movement today. Originally a holistic healing professional in Los Angeles, California, Lisa began creating her music as an expression of and as a vehicle for her own process of personal growth and transformation. Her spiritual path led her to study many of the world's spiritual traditions and her teachers were yogis, shamans, Tibetan lamas and wise women of the Goddess tradition. The connecting thread throughout was the practice of sacred song for healing and empowerment, and...
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Faery Song
Song to Brighid
Faery Song
La Mariposa
Blessings of the Animals
I Am the Goddess
Gaelic Prayer
Jewel of the Night
Kuan Yin's Mantra
Daughter of the Elements
Candlemas Song
Invocation of the Graces
Moon Mother
Green Tara Mantra
Mother of All That Is Alive
Scottish Highlands Song
Lady of the Flowing Waters
Spirit of the Plants
Rainbow Woman
Elemental Song
Healing Power of the Green
Angels of Healing
Star Maiden
Song to the Grandmothers
Hearth Blessings
Blessings of the Animals
Earth Joy Dance
Spirit of the Wind
Dakini Song
Gaelic Prayer
Song of the Mermaid Queen
Spirit Shining
Triple Goddess Blessings
Sacred Ancestors' Chant
Jewel of the Night
Hail and Farewell
In Peace and Beauty
Dreamtime (feat. David Macvittie)
Song to Brighid