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They came to the US from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a mixture of Latin rhythms, performed with Spanish guitars, a Cuban Tres, Peruvian cajón (box-drum) and harmonizing vocals. Vivacious and infectious, the sound of Los Pinguos has claimed fans worldwide, from their hometown to the streets of Los Angeles. The story began in 1999 when Adrián Buono, José Agote, Juan Manzur and Juan Manuel Leguizamón formed the band to play in clubs, bars, and private parties throughout Buenos Aires. Their exciting, passionate live shows garnered a devoted fan base, inspiring the talented ensemble to pursue global attention. So they...
Found 17 songs, duration: 59:30
La Cumbia
Debajo del pelo
Grito Arrabalero
Nada que perder
Se mezclan
Volver (feat. Los Pinguos)
La Cumbia
Tierra Santa