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Lyzanxia are a band from Anjou, France, formed in 1996. 'If there's one band that can be called grand and epic, while accomplishing that feat at the jagged edge of the extreme, it is French thrash professors LYZANXIA. Unsu is surely the band's crowning glory of magic metal moments, its technicality, its patina of industrial, and above all its passion filled thrash anhtems sure to impress those with a discerning ear through 2006 and into 2007.' (BWBK magazine #100, Nov 2006). These are the foundations of a band worth checking out at all costs and that Canadian magazine Brave Words...
Found 168 songs, duration: 10:25:00
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Inimă Albastră
Teint de porcelaine
Let Me Feel Your Love (Remix)
Paris sous la pluie
Leave It All Behind
Volar alto
Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
La tour de Babel
J'aime pas les histoires qui s'arrêtent
Pas Envie
Burnet Rose
Round & Round
Il avait 5 enfants
Ou es tu
Pourquoi tu mens
La plus haute des tours (Je t'attend quand même)
Viagem a Lyz
On est plus libre
Without You
Gii nibaana? (Are you sleeping?)
Gego bina-maawiken (Do not cry)
7 Ojibwe vowels
Ambe animaajag (Farewell to the Warriors)
Promets moi
Journal d'une morte
In My Dreams (Also Dedicated to Covid Losses)
Weniban Nokomis (I wonder where my grandmother is)
Quelques cris
Amikwag (London Bridge)