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Mac Lethal is a hip-hop/folk artist from Kansas City, MO. After getting his start as a battle rapper at the prestigious, world renowned freestyle battle festival Scribble Jam, he shattered the stigma that battle rappers cannot write quality songs and began to self-release his own quirky music. Quickly he began to catch the attention of artists like Sage Francis, P.O.S, and Atmosphere, who he subsequently toured with. His direct influences are the lyric writing of vocalists like Tom Waits and Isaac Brock; the wordplay and quirks of artists like MF Doom and Eminem; and the attitude of stand-up comedians like...
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Sun Storm
I'm Odd
Pound That Beer
Tell Me Goodbye
I'm Awesome (Remix) [feat. Mac Lethal]
Lithium Lips
Lethal Weapon
Crazy (Perfectly Content)
11 Out Of 10
Rotton Apple Pie
I'm Odd
Alphabet Insanity
Crazy (Perfectly Content)
Go Motorcycle Go (feat. Mac Lethal)
Angel of Death (feat. Tech N9ne)
You and Me Versus the World (feat. Mac Lethal)
Edgeycation 2 (feat. Mac Lethal)
Our Kingdom Ft Mac Lethal
Lethal Injection
War Drum
Til the Casket Drops
Til The Clouds Run Dry (feat. Mac Lethal)
Sleepless & Senseless
Weed & Coffee
Full Mental Chemist (feat. Mac Lethal)
Raise the Dead
Something I Can Heart
Crustified Christmas (Clean)
Little Mac
My Favorite Song