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Founded: 15/01/2013 Members: Guitar - Martin: Aguardente (B), The Killing (Arg), Jesus Martyr (Arg) Bass - Rui: Aguardente (B), ex-Caldera (B) Guitar - Timmy: ex-Suhrim (B) ex-Battalion (B) ex-Fatal obsession (B) Drums - Steven:The Reeves (B), ex-Festering cristcunt (B), ex-Suhrim (B), ex-The Mammoths (B), ex-Helldozer (B),ex- Millions of them (B) Vocals – Johan: ex-Suhrim (B), ex- Bütcher (B), Mantiis (Pt) After a few years of talks about starting an All SCHOOL (punk/crust/grind/metal and everything they like band),with several interested musicians Martin, Rui, got to a starting point creating some songs, Johan was asked to do the vocals, few months went...
Marginal Man was a hardcore punk band that emerged in the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene in 1983. Some members of Marginal Man played earlier in Artificial Peace, a band which appears on Dischord Records' important Flex Your Head compilation, an essential document of the 1980's D.C. punk scene. They played for five years before a final performance at the 9:30 Club in 1988. Members of the band included: - Steve Polcari - Vocals - Pete Murray - Guitar, Vocals - Kenny Inouye - Guitar - Andre Lee - Bass - Mike Manos - Drums They released one EP, Identity (Dischord...
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Le marginal (Générique début)
Le marginal (Générique début)
No Money No Love
Le marginal (Version alternative)
The Outsider (Le Marginal)
Vital "O Marginal"
Supreme Adobe
Exit Here
El Marginal
Rien à foutre (feat. Marginal & Lony Kleen)
Useless Scum
Amor Marginal
Le marginal (Conclusion)
El Marginal
На самом деле
Gun & Rose
Lamento do Marginal Bem Sucedido
Avenida Marginal