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There are at least 3 artists known as Mayu: 1) 真優, a Japanese electronica singer, full name Mayu Kawata. 2) An American born singer/songwriter who writes songs in both English and Japanese. 3) MAYU, a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by EXIT TUNES, released in December 2012 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice provider has never been revealed. .
In 1996, Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman came up with an idea of creating a show that would combine elements from various art disciplines based on rhythm and the unique personal ability of its performers, looking to create a joyful and emotionally charged theater experience. They started auditioning and shortly after began a creative process together with seven other artists, actors, singers and dancers in a little basement in Tel Aviv. In 1997 producer Roy Ofer joined them and the Mayumana company was formed soon after; six months later they premièred in Tel Aviv. The next step in the company’s...
Mayumi Morinaga (森永真由美, 1981 September 19) is a Japanese female singer-songwriter who debuted with her 2007 single "ONE MILLION MILES". She is best known for her work contributing to various anime, and her work with Another Infinity and other Bemani artists. .
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Kiri to Mayu
Kiri to mayu
Standing Alone
when you went away
In Your Eyes
From Dream And You
Stars Won't Fall
You Don't Know You're Beautiful
Shiroi Mayu
Shiroi Mayu
Room 303
Qatun Mayu
Madonna nera
Flash Boot
Sayonara No Hashi
Dark Star
Sach'a Mayu
Memory Killer
Madonna nera
They Know