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Megadeth is an American thrash metal band led by founder, frontman, guitarist, and songwriter Dave Mustaine. Formed in 1983 Los Angeles, California with bass player Dave Ellefson following Mustaine's departure from Metallica, the band has since released fourteen studio albums, three live albums, five compilation albums, two extended plays, thirty-four singles, eight video albums, and thirty-two music videos. Megadeth has been nominated for twelve Grammys in their career, with their first win coming for "Dystopia" in 2017. As a pioneer of the American thrash metal movement, Megadeth rose to international fame in the 1980s, but experienced numerous line-up changes, due...
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The 1988 Metal Scene
Megadeth Metallica
Dave's Darkest Hour
Anarchy and Suction
Metal as Fable
Selling Peace
Defining the Deth
Dave's First Album
Fingering the Axe
Witch-Hunting Censors
The Decline of Western Civilization
Rectifying the Damage
Getting Weird with Dio
Peace Sells (Made Famous by Megadeth)
Final Strike Megadeth Tribute
Jigsaw (feat. David Ellefson of Megadeth)
Sudden Death (8-Bit Megadeth Emulation)
The Kid Who Only Listened to Megadeth
Pinguino Escuchando Megadeth
Hangar 18 (8-bit Cover)
Symphony Of Destruction (shanson version)
She Wolf (Acoustic ver)
2001 - The World Needs A Hero
The System Has Failed 2004 (Full Album)
Holy Wars (Shovel cover ft. Leo Moracchioli)
Peace Sells (Rocket remix)
Gears Of War
1985 - Killing Is My Business [Full Album]
Верь (Trust «Megadeth» cover)
Symphony Of Destruction (Dub Remix)
Ангар 18 (“Hangar 18” Megadeth cover)
Symphony Of Destruction (instrumental)
1 Holy Wars… The Punishment Due (instrumental)
Megadeth feat. Mr.Credo - A tout медляк
Prince Of Darkness (Megadeth Cover)
Symphony of Destruction (2013 VEVO Acoustics)
Death From Within (Demo) [Feat. Nick Menza]
Kingmaker (Super Collider 2013)
Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction
The Threat is Real (C standart)
Dystopia (2016)
Me Hate You
3 Peace Sells (instrumental)
01. Kingmaker (2013 Super Collider)
Dance In The Rain