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Born 1974 in a small town close to Hamburg, Volker Meitz received his first piano lessons at the age of eight, switching on to Jazz piano later and soon getting into his first band, playing and writing funk and soul tunes. In 1995 Volker moved to Berlin and before long got into the local music and soon found himself touring with one of the first German live Drum’n’Bass sound systems Analogue Freestyle. At "Delicious Doughnuts", a hip spot back then, Volker eventually hooked up with Jazzanova, who were just about to start the label- and creative pool Sonarkollektiv. He contributed...
Found 45 songs, duration: 04:28:04
Can You Live
Mayibuye I
Africa (Restless Soul Remix)
Dimanche (DJ Deep Remix)
Worked It Out
My Love
Awe Mzala
Get On Up
Passo Em Frente
Un Rien De
Worked It Out (Charles Webster's First Remix)
White Powder Everywhere
Dirka S Jablky
Africa (Dixon's Alternative Version)
Are You...?
Can You Live
Passo Percussion
Sweet and Sour
Outta Space (Meitz Remix Dub)
Found U (Micheletto remix)
Marakesch (Meitz Remix)
Outta Space (Meitz Remix)
Get On Up (East Berlin Mix)
Mayibuye I Africa (Restless Soul Mix)
Mayibuye I Africa (Funk Maddin Edit)
Can You Live