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There is more than one artist represented here. 1.) Industrial metal band from Spain. 2.) Moniker of Natalja Mari (Rainbow Blood and Action Sound Painting Orchestra) for a live experimental-noise project. "minimum of none" was shortened after the first show to simply "MINIM" for aesthetic purposes and to save space on flyers. .
There is more than one artist with the name: 1. A French duo (Zeu & Echo) playing electro-pop. 2. A Latin alternative band based out Miami. Their sound is characterized by drum machines, samples, and traditional latin (although not tropical) elements, such as the charango and the cajon. .
Minimal Boffin is Duncan Russell-Smith from Melbourne, Australia. He has released his debut album Averment in 2013 on Cold Tear Records. .
Minimal Compact were a new wave band, formed in 1981 in Israel by the artists Sami Birnbach (lyrics and vocals), Berry Sakharoff (guitar), and Malka Spiegel (who learned to play bass guitar after joining the band). At first the band operated under the name S.O.B, and later (joined by Rami Fortis and Max Franken) become one of the very first artists signed to the Belgian Crammed label. the band gained fame in the Indie Rock scene, releasing several albums (some produced by Colin Newman of Wire, Speigel's husband). their song "When I Go" appears on the "Wings of Desire" soundtrack...
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Gnossienne No. 1 (Erik Satie)
The Swan (Saint-saens)
Zeus (Ancient Greece)
Nebula Pulsing
Starry Sky
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
Reverie (Debussy)
Clair de Lune (Debussy)
Parrot Colored LSD (Yefim Malko Remix)
Scheisse (MINIM Dreamland Remix)
Urban Dream
In Flight
Searching for Answers
Ambient Reflective
Buried Memories
Balkan Feast
Nocturne in Eb (Chopin)
Shifting Aurora
Russian Waltz
Waking from Dreams
Home with You
Antique Music Box
Missing Longing
Liebestraum (Liszt)
3AM Thoughts
Dulce Montse
Bach Cantata No.147
Forest Dawn
Hidden Forest
Artificial Heart
Spring Stirs
Delicate Hue
Pärt: Symphony No. 2: II. minim = 112