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NAYO (pronounced Nigh-O) jumps out from within the Yoruba name of Temitope Odunayo Abidoye, born in Lagos, Nigeria and singing from day one. Her Nigerian culture travelled with her around the world as a girl, while she incorporated its rhythms into the new beats and sounds she found in England, the United States, and the rest of West Africa. At that young age of 10, Nayo began writing songs and found her influences in artists such as Madonna, Seal, Annie Lennox and Carole King. After a childhood on many continents, Nayo relocated to the US to further her education at...
Nayobe (born Nayobe Catalina Gomez in Brooklyn, New York in 1968). Nayobe has scored several hit songs including "I Love The Way You Love Me", "I'll Be Around", "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait", "Second Chance For Love" and " Please Don't Go." In 1984, "Please Don't Go" became the third hit song of the style of music known as Freestyle. Her sophomore album "Promise Me" was released in 1990. It went for a more R&B/Soul and New Jack Swing sound. The album scored a hit with "I Love The Way You Love Me." Other singles from the album...
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