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California-based CCM group News At Eleven first met at the University of Southern California where the members played together during Catholic Mass. Their debut album, "Have You Not Heard?", was released in 2000. It featured the band's fresh take on a number of Christian favorites together with several original songs. Their sophomore effort, 2005's "Here Till The End," features the band's same trademark vocal blend and full harmonies, but offers up 13 all-original songs spread across a spectrum of styles ranging from rock to funk, and from Christian pop to Praise & Worship. .
News For Lulu is an italian indie band, made up in 2003. Their album "Ten Little White Monsters" has been published by Zahr Records in 2006. Not to be confused with the John Zorn, George Lewis and Bill Frisell works "News For Lulu" (1988) and "More News For Lulu" (1992) from which they took their name. .
News from Babel was an English avant-garde rock group founded in 1983 by Chris Cutler, Lindsay Cooper, Zeena Parkins and Dagmar Krause. They made two studio albums with several guest musicians (including Robert Wyatt) and disbanded in 1986. In the wake of English avant-garde rock group Henry Cow (1968-1978), Art Bears (1978-1981), a song-oriented group, was formed by three of Henry Cow's members, drummer Chris Cutler, multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith and singer Dagmar Krause. In Art Bears' wake, News From Babel emerged in 1983, comprising Cutler, Krause, Henry Cow woodwind player Lindsay Cooper, and United States harpist Zeena Parkins. It was...
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The News
Second Hand News
Breaking News (Acoustic)
Bad News
Fake News
Bad News Baby
Second Hand News
Bad News
Good News
bad_news (Bastille Vs. MNEK)
Good News
The Morning News
On The News
Bad News Blues
Bad News (Radio Edit)
Bad News
Bad Bad News
More News from Nowhere
Horrific News
Daily News
Fake News
Pump It Up (Here's The News)
Good News
All News Is Good News
Doomsday News
News Report
Viral News
Have You Heard the News
First Day of Spring
Bad News Is Coming
Bad News Cypher vol.2
World News
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Bad News