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Orlando Julius (born Orlando Julius Aremu Olusanya Ekemode, 1943) is a Nigerian musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is credited as one of the first musicians to fuse US R&B into traditional highlife music, creating his own influential Afrobeat sound during the mid-‘60s. From his time playing in the USA during the 1970s onwards, he is credited with bringing African music to a broader audience and famously co-composed the song ‘Going Back To My Roots’ with Lamont Dozier. He still plays and records regularly today. An indigene of Ilesha in Osun State, Orlando Julius Ekemode was born in Ikole-Ekiti to a...
1966, four years before Fela Kuti would unleash his formidable 'afrobeat' sound on the world, Orlando Julius had revolutionised the sound of Lagos with his fusion of highlife and American soul on the groundbreaking debut album "Super Afro Soul". .
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Disco Hi - Life
Disco Hi - Life
Omo Oba Blues
Alo Mi Alo (Parts 1 & 2)
Jaiyede Afro
Be Counted
Disco Hi-Life
Children of the World
Disco Hi-Life
Oyetoff Super Hot
Love Peace & Happiness
Crystal Pleasure
Love Peace and Hapiness
Psychedelic Afro Shop
Dance Afro Beat
Esa Ma Sate
Awade (Here We Come)
Jaguar Nana
Emura Sise
I'm Back to My Roots
We Pray For World Peace Live