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His first encounters with music were in an abandoned bus on the outskirts of northern Sardinia.... He then learned the rudiments of guitar playing from his father. Although "Aspiring to a command post in the merchant marine" at La Maddalena Nautical Istitute, he decided to abandon that career and moved to Bologna in 1989. Within the walls of an occupied university, he began playing with the Laboratorio di Musica & Immagine and a handful of musicians who sarted experimenting with music and the experiment, which over the years has included musicians from many different backgrounds, continues to this day. From...
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Angeli negri
Blu Di Prussia
Angeli eroi
Due Tempi
Muri D'acqua
Cose semplici
Stabat mater
Asso di spade
Tinta Unita
Due tempi
La pianta del piede
Ora Illegale
Burn the Witch
Piano Terra
Carezze alle pietre
Memoria Breve
Hunting Bears (Trilogia Del Tempo)