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Paul Desmond (1924-1977) was a U.S jazz saxophonist. Desmond was born Paul Emil Breitenfeld in San Francisco, California on 25th November 1924. He came to prominence with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, which lasted from 1951 until 1967. Desmond wrote their biggest hit, "Take Five". Desmond's alto saxophone tone and technique owed nothing to the great alto player of the time, Charlie Parker; instead his was a clear, light, floating sound and highly melodic playing style. Much of the success of the classic Brubeck quartet was due to the superposition of his fragile, airy sound over Brubeck's sometimes relatively heavy, polytonal...
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Take Five
A Taste of Honey
El Condor Pasa
Angel Eyes
Autumn Leaves
Was a Sunny Day
Easy Living
Body and Soul (alternate Take)
Samba Cantina
All the Things You Are
Glad to Be Unhappy
Glad to Be Unhappy
All the Things You Are
Samba With Some Barbecue