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Paulin Voss has worked as a freelance classical and pop cellist for many years and she has participated on more than 45 recordings. In the fall of 2008 Paulin released her first solo album on the indie label Madebyme Records/Nordic Records. She has been touring Norway from Kristiansand in the south to Svalbard (Norwegian territory near the north pole) where she brought 8 musicians, had a great time and some good gigs. Paulin is inspired by artists like: Goldfrapp, Magnet, Regina Spector, Lana Del Rey, Susanna and the magical orchestra… mention a few. Paulin released her second solo album “Soundwave”...
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Youth of Today
Wicked Dance
Little Mouse
Talk to Me
Walk Alone
Will You Be There
The Love
Två Tungor
Hi-Fi Stereo
Run Like Horses
A House Is Not a Home (feat. Paulin Skoglund Voss)
Have It All
35000 choices
Little Devil
Colours Blind the Eye
Et Lite Sted
Black Soul
Where Are We Going
Black Soul
Down Below
Dragonflies & Hummingbirds
Midnight Sun
Sweet Road
35000 choices
The Tickingless Tock
The Love
One More Time
The Young Boy
Some Days
Midnight Sun
Autumn Song
It´s a Long Way to the Top
Spiegel im Spiegel