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There are at least four musicians called Peter King: 1. A Nigerian Afro-beat tenor saxophonist. 2. An English jazz alto saxophonist 3. An American singer-songwriter and guitarist. 4. An English church-organist. 1. Peter King Adeyoyin Osubu (born 1938), known as Peter King, is a Nigerian musician who played several instruments, but was best known as an alto saxophonist playing a combination of Afrobeat and Jazz. Peter King is perhaps better known in Europe and America than in Nigeria for his "Miliki Sound" on the record A Soulful Peter King, where he played popular classics such as "Sincerely", "We Belong Together"...
Peter Kingsbery is an American singer songwriter who co founded Cock Robin in the 80s. After the band split up in the early 90s, he went on a solo career, releasing 4 albums over a decade. Discography: 1991: A Different Man 1995: Once In A Million 1997: Pretty Ballerina 2002: Mon Inconnue .
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