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There are two artists/bands named Pirate: 1) PiRATE is a hip-hop/beats producer from Tampa, Florida. Get his EP for free at: http://piratebeats.bandcamp.com/album/mathamphetamine 2) Pirate-SYDNEY-Prog-rock giants Pirate formed in 2007 in Sydney. Check out the official Pirate page here: Pirate was created in 2007, from Israel. Their music is very varied, effects of world music, rock, Metal, Latin, electronic and more... with the emphasis on "rock-pirate". line up: nadir, drums and vocal, and some guest artists. By the way, if you think that he getting out from the rhythm in certain parts, then this says that you knowledge in music is...
Genre: Experimental / Indie / Other Location Berlin, Amsterdam - Germany, NL .
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