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Sam Bevan a.k.a Polkadot is an 18 years old producer from Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom His latest track, "Wasn't Like That" is an edit for Pharrell's all time classic "That Girl", which features Snoop Dogg. .
When Baltimore based alt-metal act Dog Fashion Disco came to an end, it wasn’t the end of frontman Todd Smith, guitarist Jasan Stepp and drummer John Ensminger's musical output. During the near decade the group spent in Dog Fashion Disco, Smith and his merry band of misfits would amass a loyal underground following of fans (dubbed the “mushroom cult”) through countless tours with the likes of Slayer, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nothingface and Lacuna Coil. Although Dog Fashion Disco never achieved commercial success, their musical legacy gained the respect of musical contemporaries like Serj Tankian of System of a Down (who...
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