Rezophonic is a musical and social project, created and organized by famous drummer Mario Riso in February 2006. The project is basically intended to raise money for AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation). Some of the best Italian artists gathered and recorded an album, whose proceedes will be given to...


Rezophonic - Can You Hear Me?
Rezophonic - Riso's Beat
Rezophonic - L'Uomo Di Plastica (intro)
Rezophonic - L'Uomo di Plastica
Rezophonic - I Miei Pensieri
Rezophonic - I'm Junk (FFD feat. Mario Riso)
Rezophonic - Alien
Rezophonic - Qualcuno Da Stringere
Rezophonic - Non Ho Più Niente Da Dire (Malfunk feat. Mario Riso)
Rezophonic - Spasimo
Rezophonic - Black In Blue
Rezophonic - Spaces And Sleeping Stone (Fire Trails feat. Mario Riso)
Rezophonic - Puro Incanto (Movida)
Rezophonic - Can You Hear Me? (Madaski remix)
Rezophonic - Il Riso Di Tullio