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There at least two bands with the name Salam: 1) Winners of the 2008 Jordanian Band Competition, SALAM performed in various events and festivals in Jordan, the latest being Jordan Festival 2010. They also toured Egypt last fall with concerts across Alexandria and Cairo. They released their new album "1944" in February 2011 Members: Salam Homoud - Vocals, Guitars Munzer Jaber - Bass guitar Yarub Smairat - Violin Ali Jaffal - Drums Lawrence Razzouq - Keyboards Nes Getsy - Everything else 2) Salam was founded in 1998 in Zichuinchor, Senegal. At that time Thierno Barry played at cultural evenings and...
There are several bands with that name: 1. Minneapolis outfit Salamander began as a duo in the summer of 1992 featuring Erik Wivinus and Sean Connaughty on guitars and vocals. They played mostly mellow drone-based instrumentals that in retrospect sounded much like contemporaries Labradford or Low. Doug Morman joined on bass in early 1993. They recorded and played gigs as a drummer-less trio until Bryce Kastning joined on drums and keyboards in early 1994. Then followed a period of heavy psychedelic improvisation and four-track recording, leading to a trip to POD studios in 94/95 to lay down some material on...
from Although their instrumentation is based on the traditional bluegrass line-up of banjo, fiddle, guitar and bass, Salamander Crossing has consistently crossed over into a variety of musical genres. Their repertoire not only includes bluegrass standards by Bill Monroe and The Stanley Brothers but songs by Richard Thompson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bruce Cockburn, Kate Wolf, Shawn Colvin, Maura O'Connell, Bruce Springsteen and Lennon & McCartney. Salamander Crossing gets its name from an annual Spring event in Amherst, Massachusetts in which hundreds of salamanders attempt to transfer from winter grounds, through a pair of tunnels, to a vernal pond across...
Salamander Funeral-active 2009-present Genre:2009 Industrial Black Metal 2011Black Metal/Experimental Members:Lord Doomhead(Ancient Lament,ex-Meskalith,Vinterforst)-all instruments & production Records: 2009-Voices Of Sirens(single) 2011-Travel In Suffering(self released CD-r) 2013-Despair Among The Cosmos demo 2014-Flesh Cannonization Rituals (self released CD-r) Region/Country:Bogojevo/Novi Sad/Serbia .
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