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Serah is an award-winning vocalist and lyricist with several hit songs and a cache of critically acclaimed albums. Renowned as a world music artist, Serah remains loyal to the Africa that has been her muse since dedicating a year-and-a-half of her life to working a drought area there. From her website: .
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Flying in the Astral Plane
Call My Name (feat. Serah)
Neris: The Last Dawn
Black Heart
Invisible Pink Unicorn (feat. Serah Eley)
Doing It for Myself
Shine a Light
Left Behind
Bobbi Found Dead
My Test
Once More
Terlalu Sering Merindu
Serah Gathoni
여우비 (feat. Serah)
Shut It Down (feat. Serah Amarie)
Ya Mbola Serah
Serah Cera Ucere Ugi
Serah 2.0
Are You Ready Now
Smoke It
Not Giving Up
Timnath - Serah
Serah Trenok
Wuwudestia Serah
Anay Bayth Amar - Interlude (feat. Serah Amarie)
Ku Serah Cinta
Uzuri Wako