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Sido is the stage name of the Berlin rapper Paul Würdig (born November 30th, 1980), one of the most successful artists of the German record label Aggro Berlin. Sido distinguishes himself through uncomfortable, provocative, aggressive lyrics. He often wears a silver mask. The name is an abbreviation that is spelled as "super-intelligentes Drogenopfer" = "super intelligent drug victim". However this is the new interpretation while originally the name did spell as "Scheisse in Dein Ohr" = "shit (goes) into your ears". In 2004, Sido's debut album, "Maske" ("Mask"), sold more than 100,000 copies in less than a month. In September...
Sido Martens (1949) is a Frisian folk musician. He makes Dutch music inspired by several folk songs, put in a modern jacket. He sings in Frisian, Dutch and English. Before he went solo until 1982, he played in the bands Farmers Union and Fungus where he released several LP's with in the seventies. Since 1996 Sido is busy with a second career. From 1985 until now, Sido released 13 solo albums. According to his website, Sido Martens is Songsmith in the tradition of the craft. .
Psychedelic group from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). It was formed in the 90s by Marc Ros (singer, guitar and bass guitar), Jesus Senra (singer, guitar, bass guitar, sitar) and Axel Pi (drums, bongos and tablas). .
Sidor Belarsky, born Isidor Livshitz (February 12, 1898 – June 7, 1975), was a Jewish singer from Kryzhopol, Ukraine. His recording of 'Dem Milners Trern' ('The Miller's Tears') a Yiddish folk song composed by M. M. Warshavsky recently featured in the Coen brothers's A Serious Man. This song is a reference to the expulsion of Jews from hundreds of villages in Czarist Russia. .
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