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Sir Victor Uwaifo is a Nigerian musician, writer, sculptor, and musical instrument inventor Born in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria in 1941, he is famous for his Ekassa music. Early in his career, he was a member of Bobby Benson’s Highlife band. As a solo artist, Uwaifo made history in Nigeria when he was awarded the first gold record (presented by Philips, West Africa) for his song “Joromi” in 1966. “Joromi” has legendary status among his fans, and his performances are characterised by his ability to play the guitar with both his feet, and also his tongue. .
Sir Victor Uwaifo (the 'Sir' is apocryphal) is a Nigerian musician, famous for his joromi music. He was born in Benin City, Ebo State, Nigeria in 1941. His best-known song, "Guitar Boy and Mamiwater" was a huge hit in 1966. It was inspired by an encounter - which he has long maintained actually occurred - with a mami wata (mermaid) while lounging on Bar Beach in Lagos. He also served as commissioner for arts and culture in Edo State under the government of Lucky Igbinedion. .
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