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Spac Hand Luke is one of the many alter egos of Luke Vibert. The first EP from Spac Hand Luke lands on a dubcore/acid style. .
“Spaccanapoli” stands as the climax of the musical career of two Neapolitan musicians long engaged in the field of traditional Neapolitan music. Featuring the historic worker’s group “E Zezi”, Antonio Fraioli, and Monica Pinto, found “Spaccanapoli” and, in 2000, publish for Real World Records “Lost Souls – Aneme Perze”. A long series of international tours during which they achieve big success both of public and of critic (see “press” & “info Record”). Highly appreciated in the in the whole Europe, Canada, America, Mexico, Jappon, because of the enthralling performances. The group springs from the consciousness of the complexity of Neapolitan...
There are different bands under the same name: 1. A French synthpop group active in the 1970's and the 1980's 2. A British alternative rock group 3. An alias of Jimmy Cauty of The KLF 4. The project of an Australian guitarist active in the 2000's 5. A rapper signed to Black Eye Records 6. SpacE: A one-off project found on animator Yotam Perel's Newgrounds Audio page. 1) Space is a French group playing electronic and synthpop music, founded by Didier Marouani (known also under nickname Ecama). Song "Magic Fly" from their first album was a hit in the 70's....
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