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80's heavy metal band. Priest/Maiden style with traces of thrash metal. Steel Vengeance was formed in 1983 in Michigan. The band is currently recording a new album in Los Angeles, California USA. In May of 2008 a greatest hits album was released on ITUNES entitled "Steel Vengeance - The Collection". Steel Vengeance is in the heavy metal genre similar to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and they have had numerous accolades throughout the 1980’s such as beating out KISS, Twisted Sister and various other bands for the highly-coveted “Album of the Month” from France’s Enfer Magazine and numerous other magazine...
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Vengeance Is Steel
Spirits of Vengeance
Steel Vengeance
Vengeance Attained
Vengeance Is Steel
Vengeance of Steel
Vengeance and Steel
Useless Information
Ghosts Once Past
Cold Steel Vengeance
"Steel Vengeance" #1998#
Your Time Has Come
Victim Of Sin
Vengeance Of Steel / Profecia - Live 2010
I Surrender
Vengeance Of The Damned
Never Lettin' Go
Vengeance Of The Damned
Steel Barreled Sword of Vengeance (Definitive)
Vengeance Attained
Call Off The Dogs (full vinyl rip) [deathrower]