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The story-telling griots in Africa dispensed the tribal wisdom and blues artists in America have been doing the same for well over 100 years. Like Percy Mayfield, who was also called the "poet of the blues," Tas Cru tells life lessons with a rare verbal flair. It is not for nothing he has been called "the master of the triple entendre." His songs are eccentric, quirky, and sometimes boldly irreverent with a repertoire that is equal parts power, passion, and pure fun. This combined with his soulful voice and skillful guitarwork has earned him his reputation as a bonafide "triple...
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Can't Help but Wonder
What Makes a Woman
Dark Side of the Mountain
Don't Lie to That Woman
Silly Turtle
Daddy Didn't Give You Much
Devil in Your Heart
Can't Get over Blues
Heal My Soul
Time and Time
Heal My Misery
River of Insanity
A Month of Somedays
La Belle Poutine
Cry No Nore
Tired of Bluesmen Cryin'
Save Me
Money Talks
Memphis Blue
Half the Time
That Lovin' Thang
In This Moment
All Stays the Same
A Little More Time
Have a Drink
Memphis Song
Thinking How to Tell Me Goodbye
That Look
Drive On
One Eyed Jack
Give a Little Up
Feel so Good
That Lovin' Thang
Kinda Mess
Count On Me
Crazy-Mean Woman
Drunk and High
Shookie Shake
You Keep the Money
Bringing Out the Beast
Time and Time
One More Time
My GPS Mama
You’re the Real Deal
Holding On to You
Heart Trouble
Jus' Desserts
That's Gravy