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The Gun Club was an American punk band from Los Angeles in the 1980s led by singer/guitarist Jeffrey Lee Pierce. The Gun Club injected punk rock with doses of blues and country music. Along with X, The Flesh Eaters and The Blasters, they helped set the tone of the Hollywood rock scene of the 1980s and are cited as a "tribal psychobilly blues" band. The Gun Club was formed by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, former head of the Blondie fan club in Los Angeles. Joining him was Brian Tristan, who was later renamed Kid Congo Powers during his stint with The...
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Thunder Head
Fire Spirit
Phil Spector Gun Club
Preaching the Blues
Give Up the Sun
Goodbye Johnny
Black Train
I Hear Your Heart Singing
Goodbye Johnny
Jack on Fire
I Hear Your Heart Singing
Temptation and I
The Straits of Love & Hate
For the Love of Ivy
Fire of Love
Another Country's Young
Sleeping In Blood City
Emily's Changed
Bad Indian
Bad Indian
The Gun Club
Bad Indian
Just Wanna Catch A Break
Gun in the Club
Gun in the Club f/ Mike Nitty
Smoking Gun Club
Came In The Club With A Gun
The Knife and Gun Club
Nothing Lasts Forever