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One Christmas, while still a teenager living on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, Erik Gage received a gift card from his grandmother. While browsing online, he stumbled across one hundred C-10 cassette tapes. Encouraged by Adam Forkner of White Rainbow, he started his own cassette label, Gnar Tapes & Shit. The first release was Super Destroy, a series of ten-minute tapes with something different recorded on each one—noise, talking, random raps, whatever—to which Adam responded, “That’s one way to do it.” Since then, Gnar has released a buttload of tapes by folks from all over the world, plus several by...
The Memories Attack is a Canadian indie pop duo from Atlantic Canada. The group consists of Eric's Trip guitarist Chris Thompson and Ron Bates of the pop group Orange Glass. The two had initially met during childhood and had worked together previously under Thompson's solo project Moon Socket. They composed their debut album while living in separate cities, recording in Bates' basement studio when Thompson was able to make the trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia from his home in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Their music has been described as "hazy, sludgy pop" with an "infectiously upbeat, if delicate, feel". Their track...
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Memories (The Distance Remix)
Memories from the Past
Crumpled Memories
Memories of the Future
Kiss Under the Mistletoe
Memories Down the Line
Come And Get These Memories
Воспоминания об Альгамбре
These Old Memories