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The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) (SCOTS DG) is a cavalry regiment of the British Army, and the senior Scottish regiment. The regiment has its own Pipes and Drums, who tour widely and perform in competitions, concerts and parades. Their most famous piece is Amazing Grace, which reached number one in the charts in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada in 1972. The band released a new CD in late November 2007 through Universal Music, and features a number of classic pipe tunes along with some modern arrangements. The album named Spirit Of The Glen, was produced by...
Found 15 songs, duration: 53:41
Mounted March: Men Of Harlech
The Trot: The Keel Row
Medley: Scotland the Brave - The Black Bear.
Ceilidh Set, Athall Highlanders, selection
Take My Breath Away (Berlin cover)