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The Weeknd, the stage name for Abel Tesfaye, is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer. The Scarborough, Toronto-born singer, songwriter, and producer doesn't say much outside of his lyrics or personal messages through his social networking sites. Ever since appearing on the scene in late 2010, he's been shrouded in mystery, cultivating a mystique that baffles our gossip-obsessed pop culture. With that said, the 27-year-old alternative R&B phenomenon is an enigma in more ways than one. For him, it's not about becoming famous. It's not about becoming rich. It's not about pleasing anyone. It's about being honest, staying true to his...
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Wicked Games
True Colors
Kiss Land
After Hours
Die For You
Love To Lay
15. Nothing Without You
Repeat After Me (Interlude)
Where You Belong
Six Feet Under
Christmas Blues (with The Weeknd)
The Birds Pt. 1
Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)
After Hours
The Party & The After Party
The Birds Pt. 2
Scared To Live
Price On My Head
Where You Belong
XO / The Host