The xx

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The xx are a Mercury Prize-winning trio formed in 2005 in London, United Kingdom and signed to Young Turks. The band members are Romy Madley Croft (vocals, lead guitar), Oliver Sim (vocals, bass guitar), and Jamie Smith, known as Jamie xx (beats, MPC sampler). Second guitarist and keyboardist Baria Qureshi...


The xx - Sunset (Jamie xx edit)
The xx - Reconsider (Jamie xx edit)
The xx - Crystalised (Edu Imbernon Remix)
The xx - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)
The xx - Crystalised (Rory Phillips Remix)
The xx - Crystalised (The Neon Lights remix)
The xx - Angels
The xx - VCR
The xx - Insects
The xx - Islands
The xx - Do You Mind?
The xx - Basic Space
The xx - Blood Red Moon (demo)
The xx - Intro
The xx - Crystalised
The xx - Heart Skipped a Beat
The xx - Fantasy
The xx - Shelter
The xx - Infinity
The xx - Night Time
The xx - Stars
The xx - Chained (John Talabot and Pional Blinded Remix)
The xx - Fiction (Marc Piñol Remix)
The xx - Reunion (Mistakes Are Ok Remix)
The xx - Missing (Round Remix)
The xx - Swept Away (New Jackson Remix)
The xx - Sunset (Kim Ann Foxman remix)
The xx - Reunion (Edu Imbernon remix)
The xx - Fiction
The xx - Together
The xx - Fiction (Pearson Sound Remix)
The xx - Fiction (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
The xx - Fiction (Marcus Worgull remix)