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This Is The Kit is an English band formed by musician / singer Kate Stables (lead vocals, banjo, guitar), with: Jesse D Vernon (bass, guitar, violin), Jamie Whitby-Coles (drums), Rozi Plain (vocals, guitar), Neil Smith (guitar) and Philip Sirop (batterie). Stables has been turning heads in all the right places since 2003: a first album Krülle Bol produced by John Parish , singles (Two Wooden Spoons) released by Rob da Bank’s label Sunday Best and a long-awaited second album on Dreamboat Records in 2010. Wriggle out the Restless was born out of a new, slower way of working. Gestated over...
Found 95 songs, duration: 05:52:49
Come a Cropper
Carry Us Please
Two Wooden Spoons
Shinbone Soap
Show Me So (First Go)
Greasy Goose
Magic Spell
Paris to Calais on the Eurostar
White Ash Cut
Cold and Got Colder
Easy Pickings
Tangled Walker
Two Wooden Spoons
Louis Blanc to Place des Fetes on the Paris Metro
Krülle Bol
Easy on the Thieves
All Written Out in Numbers
Empty No Teeth
Two Pence Piece
Solid Grease
By My Demon Eye
By My Demon Eye
Hotter Colder
Bashed Out(Sex Education)
Riddled with Ticks
Easy on the Thieves
Easy Pickings