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Tina Arena (born Filippina Lydia Arena on 1 November 1967, in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian singer and songwriter. Her career began at the age of seven when she was selected as a regular performer for the music television program Young Talent Time. As a child Arena attracted attention for the power of her voice, which was considered remarkable for such a young child. She was born to Italian parents and has a sister, Nancy (born 1961). Often billed as "Tiny Tina Arena", she was seen on weekly television singing and dancing the current pop hits. The show's policy was...
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Never Tear Us Apart
Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible
The Windmills Of Your Mind
Si tu veux mon coeur
Tant que tu es là
Nights In White Satin
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Cry Me A River
A Foreign Affair (feat. Tina Arena)
I Want To Know What Love Is
I Want To Know What Love Is
Symphony Of Life
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Show Me Heaven
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Everybody Hurts