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San Francisco's the Toiling Midgets formed in late 1979 as an instrumental band with Craig Gray and Paul Hood on guitars, Tim Mooney on drums and Jonathan Henrickson on bass. In 1981 the late Ricky Williams joined the band to record 'Sea of Unrest' (Instant [Rough Trade US]) and lasted with the initial lineup through a brief West Coast tour. By 1983 they'd reformed with bass player Aaron Gregory and 3rd guitarist Annie Unger (Gun Club) Over the years they've soldiered on with new members including bassists Joe Goldring (Wade, Swans,Enablers), and Seattle transplant Erich Werner (The Blackouts). They went...
Found 46 songs, duration: 02:40:35
Night Science
Shooting Gallery
Mr Foster's Shoes
Process Words
Sea of Unrest
Trauma Girl
Wishful Thinking
All the Girls Cry
Big Surprise
Richard Speck
Grazing Stars
Mr. Foster's Shoes
The Long Summer
Aaron's Song
If You Choose
Slaughter On Sumner St
Before Trust
So He Sayeth
The Doctor Gets Cut Again
It Ain't Sleazey Being Green
Snowshoe and Weasel
Inter Urban
Third Chair
Tomorrow Never Knows