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"ViV, a band that's beginning to make some noise." Heralded by the San Jose Mercury News as the local musicians most likely to make their mark, ViV is an alternative rock band from San Francisco that relies on well-crafted songs performed with respect and integrity for the music. Their albums have been successful calling cards and their live shows continue to build their fan base at every show. To see ViV play live is a real "show" where they incorporate projected images, samples and backdrops that enable the band to convey a unique feeling for each song in each show...
In June of 1982 vocalist/guitarist/bassist Jeff Phry, keyboardist Keir McDonald and Robert Wannacott formed a band called Trancegland in their hometown of Detroit. When Phry's girlfriend and soon to be wife Deb Agolli replaced Wannacott as the drummer, the band changed name to Viv Akauldren. The trio is one of the unsung heroes of psychedelic music. Their performances were legendary. .
Viv Albertine. Born Sydney, Australia. French/Corsican father, Swiss mother. Brought up in North London (Muswell Hill). Quite poor. Comprehensive school. Favourite subjects, buying records; clothes, boys, art, English. Age17 went to art school. Dropped out and worked at Dingwalls, music venue Camden Town. Went to another art school met Mick Jones, saw The Sex Pistols first show. Bought Horses, Patti Smith. Dropped out. Bought Les Paul Junior with £200 my grandmother left me. Formed a band with Sid Vicious, Sarah and Palmolive called The Flowers of Romance (named by John Lydon). Started to learn to play guitar. Taught by Keith...
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Ну, погоди!
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