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X (later changed to X JAPAN in 1992 to avoid confusion with the American punk band X) is arguably one of the most influential bands in the history of the Japanese music scene. Formed by childhood friends Yoshiki and Toshi in 1982 at Chiba, Japan, X was originally founded to play high energy rock music. Besides being one of the first Japanese acts to achieve mainstream success while on an independent label, the group is widely credited for pioneering the visual kei movement. Their early music was speed metal, but later on they acquired a more symphonic metal sound. The...
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Big in Japan
Yuna's Ballad (From "Final Fantasy X-2")
Sushi in Japan
Dreams (from Gundam X)
Japan Prison
Resolution (from Gundam X)
Suteki da Ne (From "Final Fantasy X") [Orchestra]
Rusty Nail (原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Japan Prison
X over New Japan
Inori: You Raise Me Up - (From "Romeo X Juliet")
Japan Prison 2
Forever Love (From X)
DAHLIA(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:X JAPAN]
Rusty Nail -2Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Human Touch - Vocal Version (from Gundam X)
Rusty Nail +2Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
사랑하는 사람(from X-JAPAN THOSI)
DRAIN(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:X JAPAN]
Rusty Nail(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:X JAPAN]
Forever Love -5Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Forever Love -1Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Rusty Nail +4Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)
Rusty Nail -1Key(原曲歌手: X JAPAN)