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Yop is a singer/songwriter from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He takes his que from artists like Robert Pollard, John Lennon, Frank Black, Ray Davies and Brian Wilson. He embraces melody and harmony, lets guitars and pianos cry and fills the void with synthesizers. His work can be described as fragmented pop. He's influenced by the lo-fi aesthetic that can be found on classic records like 'Smiley Smile' and 'Alien Lanes'. In fact, he's just another kid with recording equipment and too much imagination. .
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Time to Yop Yop
I Got the Yop on Me
YOP Snip (Prod. Yop Suzy)
Prosper (Yop la boum)
Chérie coco
Prosper, yop la boum
Zene ja ke yop
Yep Yop Yap
Prosper...Yop la boum!
Yep Yop Yap
Adjoua Yako
Adjova yako
Yop (feat. LoHn & EllBondo)
Yop (Remix) [feat. Trev Rich & Innerstate Ike]
Prosper (Yop la boum!)
Zene ta ke yop
Miss M.I.A (feat. 12Tildee)
Posper, yop la boum
Nkok yop one ayap